When disposable cameras were the trend, and my childhood memories of taking photos with my siblings feel like just yesterday, I discovered my passion for photography. In 2014, I decided to pursue photography professionally. Exploring various styles, I eventually found my niche in fashion and boudoir photography. Fashion photography allows me to express my creativity, but it's boudoir photography that resonates with me the most. Through this genre, I can help others embrace self-love, making it incredibly rewarding.

"you are not beautiful like them,
you are beautiful like you!"

While my children remain my original muses and my most cherished works of art, my passion for photography grew from a love of artistic expression seen in VH1 videos during my teenage years. Those videos showcased individual creativity and unapologetic confidence, making each person unique and beautiful in their own way. To me, nothing is more captivating than a confident person who embraces their uniqueness fearlessly. When I capture moments through my lens, I aim to remind my subjects that confidence is the key to true beauty. You don't have to be like someone else; you are stunning just the way you are. Art, like photography, celebrates diversity and offers fresh perspectives that captivate and inspire, just like you.

In a world where so much has been done before, it can be challenging to stand out, but staying true to yourself creates a new form of art that is uniquely yours. Embrace your individuality because, at the core, you are art—a beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.




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based out of richmond, virginia

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