Back when disposable cameras were all the rave and having fun in the backyard with my siblings taking photos seemed only like yesterday, I realized I always had a love for photography. In 2012, I picked up photography on a professional level. After trying a variety of styles and learning what I enjoyed shooting the most over the years, I settled into my niche. When you truly enjoy doing something, the end result  will always speak volumes!

"you are not beautiful like them, you are beautiful like you and that's a unique way to be"

As a teen, one of my favorite things to watch was VH1. I loved seeing the artistic videos and individual creativity from each artist.  There is nothing more beautiful or sexy than a confident person who is not afraid of being who they are or doing something different. I try to remind everyone I shoot of this. BE CONFIDENT, you are not beautiful like them, you are beautiful like YOU and that's a unique way to be.  The beauty of art is that it's different. It's a perspective that may have never been seen before, so it captivates and pulls one in. In a world where almost everything has been done, it can be hard to be different, but the key is to keep being true to you which will  create a new form of art simply by doing that. Why? because, you are art.









meet melanie



based out of richmond, virginia

Editorial photography for fasHion, boudoir, branding, weddings, and couples.

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